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An LJ Comm for the new show from HBO

Deadwood, an HBO original series
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This is a livejournal community for the brand new returning drama 'Deadwood' on HBO. The first episode ever premiered Sunday, March 21st, 2004. Since 'Deadwood' is a TV-MA rated show you should expect the discussions to be as such; if you can't handle that don't join. :) Any picture larger than 100x100 needs to be put under an lj-cut tag. PLEASE. If you break that rule, your post is deleted. Very simple. Icons are welcome; more than three please put behind a livejournal cut tags.

Did you miss an episode of 'Deadwood?' Check out HBO's 'Deadwood' schedule here.

As for now there are a few rules. 1) We do not like to be spoiled, 2) We do not like to be spoiled, 3) We do not like to be spoiled, 4) We don't like to be spoiled and 5) We aren't keen on being spoiled. Okay, with that being said.. please use the lj cut tags. They look something like this: <lj-cut>spoiler stuff goes inside these tags here </lj-cut> or <lj-cut text="put your own non-spoily msg here">spoiler stuff inside the tags</lj-cut>

example: guess who was killed? <lj-cut text="spoiler for the first episode">someone on deadwood!</lj-cut>

For more information on livejournal specific tags check out the Livejournal FAQ here.

Thanks to calaf for pointing out the site that's keeping count of f*cks & c*cksuckers per episode.

IMDB.com photos

Here's to a promising first SECOND THIRD season...! Long live DEADWOOD!

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Be sure to add deadwood_board - LJ feed for the HBO 'Deadwood' messageboard.

This community started on 08 February 2004.